Leaflets, posters, booklets, folders, certificates

{"pl":"Ulotki, plakaty, foldery, teczki, certyfikaty","de":"Broschüren, Poster, Ordner, Aktentaschen, Zertifikate","en":"Leaflets, posters, booklets, folders, certificates"}

Advertising booklets, leaflets, folders, certificates, discount vouchers are the flagship of any company that will allow your clients to familiarize with your offer in a transparent and legible way. They can have different sizes and shapes, be creased or folded. Enriched with 3D varnish or 3D hot foil stamping, they will draw the attention of every receiver.

Max. size (unfolded): 320 x 640 mm
Min. size: 50 x 50 mm
Folding: in half, in „Z”, triptych, other
Paper weight: 45-400 gsm
Possible refinements: mat foil, flash, soft touch, anti scratch, structural, 2D or 3D UV varnish, 2D or 3D hot-stamping, dry stamping screen printing

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