The following is a brief guide on how to submitt files for POD projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, or require any further assistance.

File Preparation & Submission:

  • Two files should be submitted; one file for the cover and a second one containing the book text. We only accept files in PDF format.
  • The file should contain all paginated pages, including blank pages. The page orientation should be the same for all pages.
  • All fonts used in the book should be attached
  • The required bleed size is 5mm (3mm is also possible)
  • When perfect binding is required the number of pages should be a multiple of 4 (please insert blank pages if necessary)
  • Make sure that the text is positioned correctly and consistently on all pages, to enable automated positioning of the sheet as it is fed through the press
  • The file should not contain any additional print marks and should be within the resolution range of 600dpi and 106lpi
  • Please leave an adequate blank space or gutter between components on each page
  • 4c production materials should be prepared with a CMYK colour separation
  • Files can be submitted by email. However we recommend that you upload files onto our FTP server. Access to our FTP server will be given to you once you register with us. Please make sure that all uploaded files are correctly named and that these names are used in all order documentation and communications.

Please note:

  • when the margins are not given, or when there is a difference between the actual size of pages and the size of pages in the file submitted, we will center the margins
  • when the size of pages within the same file is different, we will center the margins in such a way that they are fixed as stated in the publishers order
  • when the size of pages does not include an additional 5 mm bleed, we print as is.

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