As a printing house with many years of experience, we can offer you the highest quality printing and binding of books and the production of other printed materials. We print 99% digitally, both in color and monochrome. We also make books and prints mixed in colors, with the possibility of making them with several papers in one book


Thanks to using a modern machinery park and extensive experience, we offer, apart from all kinds of books and notebooks, also high-quality leaflets, folders, brochures, booklets, greeting cards, posters, certificates, diplomas, toys and educational cards, flashcards and packaging. We make it all, from 1 piece to several thousand series. Thanks to digital printing, we can offer full, both text and graphic personalization of products. In addition to classic printing and binding services for our publishing clients, we provide packaging, distribution, online store service and B2B services for printing houses and advertising and marketing agencies. We are also open to new, creative solutions. Contact our employees for more details on the topics of your interest.

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