Hardcover - glued

{"pl":"Oprawa twarda - klejona","de":"Hardcover – Klebebindung","en":"Hardcover - glued"}

As elegant as the hardcover sewn binding. Recommended for science, technical and belles-lettres books for individual clients. The fact that the sections are joined with glue and not with threads makes it a more economical option. However, it cannot be opened flat as in sewn binding.

Max. book block size: 310 x 310 mm
Min.book block size: 100 x 100 mm
Max. book block thickness: 60 mm
Min.book block thickness: 3 mm
Inside paper weight: 60-250 gsm depending on the type
Cardboard thickness: 1.5-3 mm, cardboard with a sponge possible
Cover material: paper, canvas, leather
Headband: block of thickness from 8 mm
Back: flat
Endpaper: integrated (sewn with a block) or foreign, paper 140 gsm, white or cream, possibility of printing
Dust jacket: possible, wings min. 50 mm
Possible refinements: mat foil, flash, soft touch, anti scratch, structural, 2D or 3D UV varnish, 2D or 3D hot-stamping, dry stamping screen printing
Pasting trays, CDs: possible in 1 or 2 places

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