Spiral binding

{"pl":"Oprawa spiralowa","de":"Spiralenbindung","en":"Spiral binding"}

The most eye-catching type of binding. Ideal for catalogues, advertising booklets and training materials, calendars, notebooks. Our regular offer includes white spirals, but individual colours can be ordered. As a standard, the cover is made of 250gsm cardboard, but it can be also made from transparent foil or without cover at all. New in our offer - the prestigious hardcover spiral binding, with a thick and rigid cover as in a hardcover binding (approx. 2 mm).

Max. size: 310 x 470 mm
Min. size: 75 x 100 mm
Max. number of pages: 500, depending on the material
Min. number of pages: 2
Cover weight: 80-400 gsm
Inside paper weight: 45-400 gsm
Wings: min. 60 mm, cover when unfolded, max width 640 mm
Possible refinements: mat foil, flash, soft touch, anti scratch, structural, 2D or 3D UV varnish, 2D or 3D hot-stamping, dry stamping screen printing

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