We provide manuals for machines, devices and cars in glued or sewn paperback and saddle stitch binding. Due to the care for costs, materials and the type of printing are selected so as to maintain a good price-quality ratio.

Max. book block size: 310 x 310 mm block size: 105 x 105 mm (possible reduction on the guillotine)
Max. book block thickness: 60 mm block thickness: 2,5 mm
Binding type: soft glued or saddle stitch, depending on the thickness
Cover weight: 170-350 gsm
Inside paper weight: 45-190 gsm depending on the type
Wings: min. 60 mm, cover when unfolded, max width 640 mm
Possible refinements: mat foil, flash, soft touch, anti scratch, structural, 2D or 3D UV varnish, 2D or 3D hot-stamping, dry stamping screen printing

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