Continuous feed printing and cutting with Hunkeler devices

Continuous feed printing and cutting with Hunkeler devices

Along with the Xerox Trivor continuous feed printer, we bought 4 devices from the renowned Hunkeler brand. A line of UW6 and RW6 supports a roll machine in a roll-to-roll system. Paper is unwound from a roll before printing, then covered with print and rewound onto a roll. This solution optimizes the work and significantly reduces the amount of downtime on the printing unit. Thanks to this process, we can significantly reduce the turnaround time.

The line has been accelerated specifically for our needs from the standard speed of 150 to 220 m/min.

Printed rolls go to UW-6 line and CS6 cutter with SE6 separator and LS6 stacker. This set of devices allows longitudinal and transverse cutting in one, two or three lines (1up, 2up, 3up), depending on the further binding and format of the book.

Hunkeler devices are designed for variable work with particular emphasis on automation and increase of efficiency. They are equipped with a special web tension system, which enables cutting both very low (from 39gsm) and high (up to 160/300gsm) grammage.

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