Book gluing perfect like never before with MM Vareo

Book gluing perfect like never before with MM Vareo

March 2020 is a time of significant reconstruction of our bindery. The latest Muller Martini product - the Vareo binder - has joined Horizon BQ-470 PUR and Horizon BQ-270C.

Vareo is the perfect binder for printing houses that deal with digital book printing. It is a three-clamp system with a mechanical performance of up to 1,350 cycles per hour that can be loaded manually or automatically with book blocks.

Each clamp of the Vareo is equipped with its own servo motor. This allows for different processes to be combined, which increases the real output and quality compared to conventional machines. Each clamp can bind a book of a different dimension, also with individually adjustable pressing time.

The device has a built-in barcode system that allows fully automatic binding of individual copies of books (in the POD system - printing on demand). It also has a module that allows you to make a paperback binding with flaps in one process, without the need to prepare covers in advance.

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